Product Introduction


1. KET capacity of module OEM is 200MW/Year.

2. KET modules’ design base on the current market and demand. The specifications are scientific and easy

to install.

3. We provide high-quality mono/multi silicon solar modules, control the manufacturing process, and use

the newest technology as well as the best materials to guarantee our products always keep in good quality.

4. Whether grid or off-grid, commercial or industrial use, small building or public utilities, KET can

customize according to the specific needs.


Product Features


1. High transmittance, low iron tempered glass, anti-aging EVA, and excellent weather resistance TPT.
2. Deep oxidation aluminum alloy frame, and beautiful appearance.
3. Resistant to wind and pressure, high conversion efficiency.
4. 10-year limited product warranty : 10 years with 90% product warranty; 25 years linear power warranty.